District 201-V5, Victoria, Australia (Zone 7)

Lions Club of Boroondara-Gardiners Creek Incorporated


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Be safe and take care of yourself and the community during these challenging times.

Best wishes for 2022, as our Lions Club will still be there, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our members, and the support of the community1

In the last couple of months, our club has been busy!

  • We helped Camcare in the collection of food and special items for those in need.
  • We collected many books for "Read to Me 123"- to encourage reading for younger children who have little access to books
  • We have collected many  reading glasses which are recycled for  those without means to buy glasses, here and overseas
  • We helped sell Christmas trees and cakes to raise funds for community work
  • We donated a Christmas tree and a little present for  those at Samarinda Aged care in Ashburton
  • We smiled as we celebrated our 25th Anniversary this year!


Funding to local causes

Helping Camcare in the collection of food and other essentials in Ashburton for those in need.

Assist The Craig Family Centre, The Edge- and other local causes, especially those in urgent need 

International Aid

Rapid response to disasters, such as floods, bush fires, drought relief in Australia and also for the NZ earthquake and for other Lions International relief.

To the wider community

Read To Me ( Collecting children's books for distribution to encourage reading);

Collecting glasses  ( and hearing aids) which are restored and sent to "outer communities "- here and overseas- to help with vision and hearing difficulties

Caps for Cancer patients after radiation therapy

Fundraising for many other Lions causes, including "Hearing Dogs", to assist and support people with  hearing difficulties 

Supporting our senior citizens

Our members regularly help at Samarinda Lodge, including "Thinking of you" cards. Residents look forward to the Christmas tree we provide every year.  We enjoy making them a little happier.

Support for Youth

The Lions Youth of the Year Competition Quest encourages high achievers from local secondary schools in a national competition.

Our Club initiated- and is the guiding Lion Club-  for the Leo Club of Boroondara, for younger Lions, essentially between 18-35.

Environmental Project

Along  Gardiners Creek, near Nettleton Park in Glen Iris, Lions, with  Friends of Gardiners Creek, the local community, and the local council, have all have helped create a wonderful natural environment by the creek.

We are the Lions


We serve the needs of our local communities, state, nation and the world.

Our 1.3 million men and women in 205 countries and geographic areas conduct vision and health screenings, build parks, support eye hospitals, award scholarships, assist youth, provide help in time of disaster and much more.

Join us in making our communities and the world better places to live.

Our Lions and LEO club members are people who care about people in their local community!

We do this in various ways: - community fundraising and giving grants of money to local community organisations and great causes!; donating our own time and skills; Community Engagement activities; LEO Club (Younger members)

The total of our efforts out-weighs that of the individual, and by doing things together, we share a common cause - that of a better and more tolerant and caring community.

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